How to Grow Your Instagram Account by Spending 30 Minutes a Day

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Do Not Post And Ghost

You just posted a photo that was well crafted, on brand, and wrote an engaging caption. Now you need to be ready to engage back! On Instagram, the first 15 min after you post are crucial to the algorithm. The more engagement you get in those first 15 min, the more likely Instagram is to push your post on more peoples feeds.

Set aside those 15 min after you post to genuinely engage with your followers. Respond to each comment in a way that makes them feel like you are having a conversation with them and you are invested in what they are saying.


@them: OMG that top is to die for!

@you: Thank you so much! Where has been your favorite place to shop recently? I love your style and am looking for new stores!

Create An Engagement Strategy

This is something that is SO SO important that most business (and freelancers) skip over. I promise you it is not as time consuming as you would think, if you do it strategically.

A great engagement strategy reaches potential followers that are in your niche or demographic that do not follow you yet. So how do you find them?

Browse through #hashtags they may use, places they may be, or other people that they will follow. Like and comment on their photo and most importantly, BE GENUINE!

The last thing that I want to see you comment on someone’s post it “You should check out my profile!” Comment something that will grab their attention and that you have put thought into it.

Utilize Instagram Stories

There are over 400 million people who are watching stories on Instagram and if you are not utilizing it, you are missing out on a HUGE engagement opportunity.

This is the best way to show your audience more of your true and authentic self. Post BTS bits of you working or during a photoshoot. Chat with them in the car about your day. Show them things you bought or talk to them about a difficult day you may have had. People are more likely to relate to you if you utilize stories to share more about YOU!

Believe it or not, your Instagram story engagement also affects your posts. The more you engage on Instagram stories, the more that your post will be seen by those watching and interacting with you. Be consistent!

Remember that no one makes it big on Instagram overnight. But, if you streamline and strategize the way you are marketing your growth, you can see it happen a lot faster. Be strategic about the way you post and engage. Be consistent. Be authentic.  

Social MediaTaylor Kerley