2018 Instagram Tips

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Ahhh the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. Does it make you want to rip your hair out too? With all of the frustration, I am here to spread some light on tips to help get you crack the Instagram code, boost your engagement and of course, your following. 

Post Engagement is Dropping

This is something that I get questions about ALL THE TIME! And to be honest with you, the algorithm isn’t working in your favor. So, instead of complaining about it, let's take actionable steps to get more engagement on our posts.

People Are Engaging Differently

Want to know where a lot of your engagement is coming from? It is on your stories! This is where you need to focus on your consistency and if you haven’t already, build a strategy! This Instagram story platform is constantly changing and that is because your followers love it! I catch myself flipping endlessly through stories and I am sure you do too.  Interacting with your followers in stories will also help your Instagram posts be seen more frequently!

The Life of a Post is Longer

Have you noticed that you scroll through your feed and find posts that were from a day or two ago? That is because, with Instagram’s algorithm, the life of a post is longer than ever. Which is good and bad. This means that your post has the chance to be seen by more people, but also can be buried by more posts.

Posting quality content that gets great engagement through comments is KEY! So be thoughtful about what you are posting and how you are captioning your posts. Go for quality over quantity.

Go for Engagement, Not Followers

Now more than ever, companies are putting more focus on engagement rather than followers. Like what I tell ALL of my clients: “I would rather have 100 followers that genuinely care about what I am doing than have 10,000 followers who don’t give a shit”. The truth is when your engagement increases so will your followers.  

Date Your Followers

This is something that should always be a part of your social media plan but is more important now than ever. Date your followers. I talk about how “marketing is really just flirting” and so is engaging with your following. Respond to every comment genuinely. Send DM’s to people who are loyal supporters of you and thank them. Find ways to make your audience feel loved and appreciated!

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