Social Media’s Impact on the Retail Buying Strategy 

how to start a fashion brand

In definition, a fashion buyer is a person employed to select and purchase clothes and accessories for a retail store. They need to be strategic in the way that they buy and always have the customer in mind. So, how can a social media platform impact the way buy decision are made?

Instagram has become the greatest tool for retail buyers, especially for those companies with a fast-fashion business model. It has become easier than ever for brands to follow the buyer’s journey as they shop with Instagram’s new features. Here are 4 things that should be considered while planning your buying strategy.

Listen to Your Customers Needs and Wants 

Your customers will tell you what they want, you just have to listen! Interacting with customers is the first step to bringing them the exact pieces they are looking for. Interact with you customer daily by ask questions in your captions, utilize Instagram poll and question features and respond in a way that keeps the conversation going.

Pay Attention to Trends

Social media offers endless amounts of inspiration on what is new and trending. This allows for brands to see what trends are just starting out and what has become overly saturated and will soon fizzle out. Be careful not to invest in trends that’s are on their way out!

Test Run!

The great thing about social media is the opportunity to test things out. If there are trends that you are not sure your customer will pick up on try a test run online. This can be in the form of a teaser video or directly asking if they’re a fan of the trend. 

Consumers Can Collect and Compare Information

Your customer can now collect information and compare prices in the palm of their hands. Brands must keep this in mind when positioning themselves in the market. Check out your competition and see what online strategies are working for them.

how to start a fashion brand
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