5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post

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If your duration on site for some of a blog post is lower than others, you really need to think about WHY. It's probably not because they didn't like your title, because they did click on it... So, to help you out, here are my top 5 reasons why I didn't read your blog post. 

Email Pop-Up

Ladies, we get it, you’re trying to build your email list. But if I come on to your site and the first thing that I am greeted with is an email pop-up, I’ll probably leave. Studies show, that sites with pop-ups right when you enter have a 10.20% less time on site duration. I know that some people rely on them heavily for email subscriptions, so what do I recommend you do? Schedule the pop-up to trigger right before someone leaves your site. So, if according to your analytics, your average duration on site is 3min 30sec, trigger the subscription pop-up to be set after they have been on your site for 3 minutes.

Not Visually Appealing

We live in such a visual time right now! And if your blog post isn’t visually appealing then well… I probably won’t read it.  As a fashion blogger, imagery is key. You are inspiring people through your clothing and you want to photograph it in a way so your readers think, “I can picture myself in that”. Other things that are just as important as your photos is the layout of your post, the fonts and color you choose and your graphics. Keep it on brand, keep it clean, keep it unique.

Too Long

There’s a ton of advice out there that says everything from 275 to 2,500 words for a blog post… and that is not helpful at all. So what length should it be to captivate your audience but not drown them in boredom? You want to aim for a blog post that is between 300 and 600 words. It is the perfect amount to help boost your SEO and keep your audience’s attention.

You Focus Too Much on Sponsored Content

This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves when it comes to blogging. Do you follow anyone who just posts sponsored content? It is the most ingenuine thing in the world. Choose the companies that you decide to work with carefully, make sure that they fit in your niche and what you are saying about them is genuine.

Your Posting Content That Is Just Like Everyone Else

Be CREATIVE! Posting content that is fresh and new will make people want to follow you even more. Use your voice, use your expertise. Every time I see bloggers all posting the same content I think… “What can I post that is the opposite of this?”. Even with this blog post! I was reading one earlier that was titled “3 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog Post” and I thought… I don’t want to know why you read it, I want to know why you DIDN’T READ IT!

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