SEO Process

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 The goal of SEO is to attract the attention of the search engines with your website. Here are 7 steps to help conquer your SEO!

1.     Research what SEO keywords you are currently ranking for, what your competitors are ranking for and what people would search in Google to find your site.

2.     Identify keywords that are highly searched but have low competition. Find your sweet spot.

3.     Strategize the best way to implement your new keywords on your site through copy, backlinks, photo titles, etc.

4.     You want your keywords to be on your website as often as you can with it still sounding natural. Also, think of “hidden” ways you can implement your keywords. Is there a page that doesn’t receive a ton of traffic that you can burry some keywords in? or what about on the bottom of product pages? Be creative!

5.     How fast your site loads and how well it performs is a huge way to boost your SEO. Make sure you are uploading image files that are not larger that 72dpi and that it is mobile friendly! If your site is not user friendly, Google will not promote it!

6.     Backlinks can be a huge boost to your SEO. This is where external sites link to your page. Try writing guest posts, get on to Holiday Gift Giving Guides, utilize Pinterest and link to your own site as often as you can.

7.     Remember that SEO is 100% organic, so keep an eye on your ranking for certain keywords and use this information to tweak your strategy monthly.

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